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After 4 months since I joined to Dundee United on January.

The dream we’ve been desperately fighting for staying up in premiership is now gone at last game. 
I’ve been thinking ,acting and keep myself motivated for this challenge but I feel so so sad more than anything. 

It’s so unacceptable for Dundee United supporters we have religated at Dundee Derby match. But I really would like to appreciate all the supporters who kept supporting us until very end by clapping hands to players. And I apologise we haven’t been able to stay up in premiership even you kept loving and supporting the team. 

 As I’ve learned in my life.we just can’t move on without accepting lost and mistakes.
I’ll try to give all my effort to turn this experience to my carrier as as big big lesson. 
And we all know that Friday’s victory was too late…but I’ll try to do all my best to win the game until the end.