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English x Sports (Soccer Cheer Dance) Crazy Teachers Wanted!

Looking for Fun, Cheerful and Crazy People!

Do you like to smile and enjoy having fun!? Do you love playing with kids!? Are you crazy and love to talk!? Do you want to make connections and meet new people!?

We are currently looking for fun and energetic people for our English Soccer Schools or our Cheerleading/Cheer Dance School! We have staff from all over the world and we often have many get-togethers with our crazy teachers! If you are looking for something fun to do while meeting new people, this place is perfect for you!


■ You are outgoing and like spending time with friends and get-togethers with crazy teachers!

■ Fun, energetic, outgoing, healthy, creative, and flexible.

■ Is active, positive, and enjoys sports, (Previous experience playing soccer and/or cheerleading/cheer dance is advantageous but not required)

■ Loves playing with kids The purpose of the schools is not to improve technical skills in soccer and/or cheerleading/cheer dance but to provide a fun English learning environment. Children can enjoy learning English by playing soccer and dancing while they become more global-minded.

【Company Profile】

Global Athlete Project(GAP) was established in 2011 by Eiji Kawashima, a Japanese national team goalkeeper, now playing professionally in the French league.

【GAP’s Mission】

■To help people acquire communication skills to play an active part in the global community.

■ To help support Japanese athletes aiming to play on a global stage acquire language skills.

■ To provide an environment where children can learn languages and have fun through various sports activities and foster global-minded citizens.

■To help support a second career for retired professional athletes who have played and participated in a global environment with fluent language skills.

GAP started “Soccer x English” school in July 2014 as one of the language support programs to help children learn English through fun soccer training. 20 schools have already been opened in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa. Moreover, GAP developed and produced an English learning drill book and a mobile phone application, both now on sale, and is going to carry on a variety of ‘Sports x Language Learning’ projects.

【Message from Global Athlete Project】

“When I was a child, ten minutes was the maximum time I could concentrate while studying at my desk. In comparison, I could go on for many hours of playing sports. I believe that the combination of sports, which children enjoy doing, and English learning is the best way to make children interested in learning and improving their skills. I am sure there are a lot of children out there just like me. ‘Sports x Language’ projects are coming from my experience, and we are trying to offer many kinds of projects along the line.” – Ryusuke Tanaka Founder of GAP


We have 21 soccer schools and 16 Cheer Dance schools in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa.

We have social gatherings and like to get together to play soccer or other fun activities with our staff! Do you want to help us foster and grow more global-minded Japanese people while meeting and making new friends? This place is for you!

Please contact us and we are looking forward to meeting you!





gap staff • 2021-06-14

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